How Do You Make a Yarn Wig?


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Make a yarn wig by selecting the color, purchasing the appropriate amount of yarn, wrapping the yarn around the back of a chair, tying one end of the loops together and cutting the other. Spread the wig on the head, and hold it in place with bobby pins.

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  1. Select the color and amount of yarn

    Choose the color of yarn for the wig. Rug yarn provides thicker strands than four-ply yarn. For a normal-length wig, use six skeins of rug yarn. If you want to make a longer wig, use eight or more skeins.

  2. Wrap the yarn around a chair back

    Wrap the yarn around the back of a chair that is the appropriate size to create loops that are the length you want the wig to be.

  3. Tie the wig

    Wrap several lengths of yarn around one end of the loops of yarn. Tie this section of yarn tightly around the others.

  4. Cut the yarn

    Cut the opposite end of the yarn strands to allow the loops to fall freely. Trim the ends of the yarn so the strands are all one length.

  5. Attach the wig to the head

    Place the wig over the head, and secure it in place with bobby pins. Style the wig by braiding or adding ponytails, or allow it to hang straight.

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