How Do You Make a Wrap Bracelet?

How Do You Make a Wrap Bracelet?

Make a wrap bracelet by folding a length of leather cord in two and stitching beads between the two sides. After you're finished, tie the two ends in a knot. You need leather cord, a button, beads, side cutters, beading thread, a beading needle, measuring tape and a button.

  1. Measure out your cord

    Wrap the cord around your wrist as many times as you want. Measure this length, add 12 inches, and multiply that number by two. This is the total length of cord you need.

  2. Prepare the cord

    Measure out the total inches of cord you need, and cut it with the side cutters. Thread the two ends through the two buttonholes. Fold the cord in half, and pull the button to the middle of the cord.

  3. Tie the thread to the cords

    Thread the beading thread through the beading needle. Tie both ends of the thread around the left side of the cord.

  4. Stitch on the beads

    Place a bead over the needle and onto the thread. Position the bead between the two sides of the cord. Pull the needle under and over the right side of the cord, then thread it through the bead again from the right side of the bead. Wrap the thread over and under the left side of the cord and thread on the second bead. Repeat this process throughout the length of the bracelet.

  5. Knot the ends of the cord

    Knot the ends of the cord together right above the beads. Leave a gap just big enough for the button to fit through, and tie another knot.