How Do You Make a Working Model of a Steam Boiler?


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The process of making a working model steam boiler involves constructing the boiler shell, attaching the end plates, installing the tubes and fittings, constructing the burner and smoke stack, and then attaching the feed pump. Use caution when constructing or operating a model steam boiler. Take precise measurements when constructing and fitting all parts to ensure proper operation of the model.

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Construct the boiler shell by measuring and cutting copper pipe. Form the end plates by heating, cooling and hammering two copper disks into the appropriate shape. Drill multiple holes into each plate before attaching them to the shell with rivets. Install boiler tubes and brushing to the shell, and use a silver solder caulk on all joints to create a leak-proof seal. Use brass nuts as a threaded inserts to mount the boiler shell over the burner box.

After constructing the firebox and burner, construct a smoke stack by shaping a copper funnel and attaching it to the shell using brass screws and silver solder. Install a water feed pump, and attach the boiler to a piston-driven motor before mounting the whole assembly onto an engine board. There are numerous codes and laws governing the construction and operation of boilers that may apply to working models.

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