How Do I Make a Wooden Staff?

How Do I Make a Wooden Staff?

How Do I Make a Wooden Staff?

A wooden staff is useful as a walking stick and is also an important accessory for cosplay of certain characters. Carving a wooden staff requires some skill and patience but extensive experience in woodworking isn't needed.

  1. Assemble your materials

    Find a large wooden stick. It must be long and thick enough to serve as a staff. You also need an ax or machete, a knife with a locking blade, and a wall scaper or spackling knife. You may also choose to finish the staff using stain, varnish or a wood-burning kit.

  2. Strip the stick

    Use the ax or machete to remove knots and twigs from the stick. Remove the outer bark and any green bark with your knife. Whittle around any knots. Make sure your knife is extremely sharp for this step. Let the stick sit overnight. Doing so allows the inner bark to begin to decay. The next day, the inner bark will appear. Use the spackling knife or wall scraper to scrape off the inner bark.

  3. Finish the ends

    Use your knife to finish the ends of the staff by carving them roughly inward. Keep turning the stick and cutting small diagonal chunks until the end is roughly rounded.

  4. Add finishing touches

    Burn symbols on to the staff if you want to. Brush on wood stain, then wipe the stain residue off, and let the staff dry. Repeat with several layers of stain until you reach the desired color. Spray varnish on the staff, and let it dry.