How Do You Make a Wooden Pipe?


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To make a wooden pipe, trace your design onto a block of wood; drill the draught, mortise and chamber holes; and then shape the pipe. Finish the wood with a leather stain and wax.

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  1. Gather the supplies

    Purchase a stem and a block of wood, such as briar, olive or cherry, from a pipe supply store. Purchase a vise and drill bits, including a specialty bit for the rounded chamber. To shape the pipe, you need sandpaper and a bench-mounted sanding disc or a set of files. For finishing, use leather stain and Tripoli wax.

  2. Trace the design

    Draw the profile of the pipe onto the side of the block of wood. Mark the location of the three holes: the draught hole, the mortise and the chamber. The draught hole is the long, thin portion of the pipe and has a diameter of 5/32 inch. The stem connects to the mortise, so the mortise should be the same measurement as the tenon of the stem. The chamber, which holds the tobacco, is usually about 3/4 inch.

  3. Drill the holes

    Secure the wood block in a vise, and drill all of the holes.

  4. Shape and sand the pipe

    Use the sanding disc or files to shape the pipe. Once the shape is complete, use sandpaper to smooth the wood.

  5. Stain the wood

    Once the pipe is smooth, apply leather stain with a pipe cleaner. Apply two coats of stain, and let them cure. Buff the pipe with Tripoli wax. Attach the stem when done.

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