How Do You Make a Wooden Grinch?

How Do You Make a Wooden Grinch?

Make a wooden Grinch cutout with a sheet of pressure-treated plywood, wooden stake, jigsaw, sander, drill, exterior screws, paint and a roller; sand the wood and trace the design, cut out the shape and then paint the Grinch. Wear safety goggles and gloves when working on this project.

Before getting started, print out a large image of the Grinch. Print large images from home printers using multiple sheets of paper and taping them together.

  1. Sand the wood and trace the design
  2. Use the sander and a rough-grit paper to sand the plywood smooth on the back- and front-facing sides. Cut away the excess paper from the printed design and tape it to the plywood. Trace the silhouette of the Grinch onto the plywood. Remove the paper.

  3. Cut out the Grinch
  4. Cut out the traced Grinch image using a jigsaw. Sand the sides of the plywood smooth with the sander.

  5. Paint the Grinch design
  6. Use the printed Grinch as a guide to paint the cutout. A mix of lime green paint is needed for the body. Use black paint and a thin brush to paint on the face and white paint for the eyes. Allow the paint to dry. Drill the wooden stake against the back of the Grinch cutout with about three exterior screws. Push the stake into the ground to hold the Grinch cutout steady when displaying it.