How Do You Make a Wood Rocking Horse?


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To make a wood rocking horse, sketch the shape of the horse and rocker on plywood, then cut and sand the pieces. Drill holes on the head, body, ears and rocker of the horse, fill the holes with glue and join the pieces appropriately. Finally, apply two coats of stain.

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To make a wood rocking horse, use a 3/4 inch plywood for the main piece with a 2 by 6 inch redwood board for the seat. Sketch the outlines of the horse's head, body, tail, ears and rocker on the plywood. Use a radial arm saw to trim around the sketched outline, leaving enough space for the holes and screws. Sand the cut pieces with an orbital sander and use grit sandpaper to smooth the flat surfaces.

Using a drill press, drill holes on the head and body of the horse, fill the holes with urethane glue and join the pieces. Drill two holes on the top portion of the body and two at the back legs to place the arms of the unit. Two more holes on the head are required to place the ears in a similar manner. Use flat-headed screws along all the holes for secure fastening. Secure the seat on the horse's back with a nail gun.

Fill any holes and gaps on the rocking horse with wood putty and apply two coats of stain finish.

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