How Do You Make "Wolverine" Claws?

How Do You Make "Wolverine" Claws?

The character of Wolverine from the X-Men comics and movies is a popular choice as a Halloween or cosplay costume. However, a Wolverine costume is not complete without the character's famous claws. While the claws are complicated to make, the end result is worth the work.

  1. Assemble the materials

    Buy three pairs of used ice skates, preferably at a thrift shop or flea market to save on costs. You also need an acetylene torch, a welder, a bench grinder, several 2 1/4-inch bolts and size 20d nails.

  2. Make the blades

    Use the acetylene torch to cut the blades off the ice skates. Use protective gear during this step. The ice skate boots may catch on fire, so extra precaution is needed.

  3. Shape the blades

    Draw the shape of Wolverine's claws on the ice skate blades. Use the bench grinder to grind off all material outside the claw outlines. Leave a tang at the end of each skate blade to allow the claws to fit over the knuckles.

  4. Assemble the claws

    Hold the blades between your knuckles, and mark the spacing required. Bend the nails at a 90 degree angle. Weld a nail to the knuckle end of the blade, just short of the tang, then weld that blade to one of the bolts. Use a magnet to hold the pieces in place for welding. The bolts rest on the palm of your hand when you wear the claws. Continue welding nails and bolts together until the blades are all in place.