How Do You Make a Witch Cape?

To make a witch’s cape, take measurements, cut the fabric, hem the fabric, and attach hook-and-loop fasteners to fasten the cape. You need fabric, two sets of hook-and-loop fasteners, scissors, a tape measure and some straight pins. You also need a sewing machine, and you may need an iron.

Measure the back of the person who plans to wear the cape, starting at the edge of one shoulder and measuring to the edge of the other shoulder. Add 4 inches as a seam allowance. To determine the length the cape, measure from the shoulder down the person’s body to where you want the cape to hit, and add additional fabric to form a hem.

Based on your measurements, cut the fabric of your choice. Use straight pins to pin the sides of the fabric to create a 1/2-inch hem. Use the sewing machine to hem the fabric, and then remove the straight pins.

On the interior side of the cape, position the hook-and-loop fasteners, with one part of the assembly on one side and the other on the other side of the cape. Attach them according to the package instructions; usually this means sewing them on, but some pieces feature iron-on attachment.