How Do You Make Wine Cork Ornaments?

How Do You Make Wine Cork Ornaments?

To make wine cork ornaments, make a hole in the cork's center, and attach a beaded tassel and ribbon to it using a darning needle. Affix a few beads to the ribbon, make a loop in the latter, and secure the beads to the cork.

To make a hole in the wine cork's center, use a drill with a small bit. Position the cork in a vice before drilling, and bore lengthwise through it.

Then, take a decorative tassel, and slip a few colorful beads over its loop. Ensure that the holes of the beads are large enough to slip easily over the tassel's loop.

Snip a thin ribbon to 1 foot in length, and singe its ends to prevent them from fraying. Now, insert one of the ribbon's ends into the loop of the tassel present over the beads. Hold both the ribbon's ends together, thread them into a darning needle, and insert the needle into the hole in the cork.

Next, pull the needle until the tassel and the beads touch the cork. Insert a few beads on the ribbon, and make a knot in the ribbon 1 or 2 inches above the beads. This forms the loop for hanging the ornament.

Snip off extra ribbon, and apply a fast-acting glue to the cork's base and top surfaces to secure the beads in place.