How Do You Make a Wind Spinner?


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To make a wind spinner from two soda cans, cut the tops off of the cans and slice strips 5/8 of an inch wide to form spokes, working around the circumference of each can and spreading the strips out flat. Fold the ends of each strip with the corresponding segment on the opposite can until the two cans connect all the way around. Suspend the spinner on a cord attached to the base.

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To fold the strips together, first cut off the sections that taper where the can used to connect to the top. Fold the end of each spoke a quarter of an inch from the end, then interlock the folds of the two cans and fold down the corners together, joining the two pieces securely. Continue around the can until all pieces are connected, one after the other.

For an alternate method, substitute a 2-liter plastic soda bottle. After removing any labels, make parallel, vertical cuts 3/4 of an inch apart down the length of the bottle, starting below the point where the bottle narrows to the mouth and ending just before the base. When the incisions wrap the circumference of the bottle, compress the mouth and the base, creasing each strip in the center so it bows out from the middle of the bottle to create an even peak all the way around. Bore a hole in the cap, and suspend the spinner on a string.

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