How Do You Make Wind Chimes?


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Make wind chimes by attaching seashells to string and mounting them on sticks. This takes only a few minutes. You need seashells or sea glass, sticks, glue and string.

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  1. Prepare the sticks

    Get two sticks. One needs to be about 6 inches long, and the other needs to be half the size of the first stick, or 3 inches.

  2. Prepare the string

    Cut several pieces of cotton string that have different lengths. You need one piece for each seashell or piece of sea glass, two equal pieces with which to attach the small stick to the large stick, and one large piece to hang the chime from.

  3. Attach the string to the shells

    Attach one shell or piece of sea glass to each piece of string either by tying it or gluing it.

  4. Attach the sticks

    Tie the two equal pieces of string to either end of the short stick. Tie the other end of the string to the end of the long stick, and tie the end of the other string to the middle of the long stick.

  5. Attach the shells

    Tie the string attached to the seashells onto both the long stick and the short stick.

  6. Hang up the wind chimes

    Tie one end of the long piece of string to one end of the long stick and the other end of the string to the other end of the long stick. Hang the wind chimes up using the middle of the string.

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