How Do You Make a Wigwam?


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To make a wigwam, choose an area with firm soil, and then outline a circle that is 14 feet in diameter. Make 16 evenly spaced holes around the circle, and prepare 16 sapling or branches that are 12 to 15 feet long. Then, insert saplings into the holes, and bend the saplings inward, tying each opposite set of saplings together. Wrap four additional saplings horizontally around the frame, and cover the wigwam with canvas, cattail mats or bark sheets.

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To make the frame, use a crowbar and a hammer to make holes that are 6 inches to 12 inches deep along the edge of the circle. Place saplings in the first two holes, and then skip two holes before placing the second set of saplings in the fifth and sixth holes. Continue this pattern until you insert eight saplings, and bend the saplings in toward the center of the circle.

Tie each set of saplings together where they meet in the center of the circle. Insert the second set of saplings in the remaining holes, and then bend and tie the poles as with the first set.

After tying the second set of saplings together in the center of the circle, tie four saplings to the frame horizontally beginning 2 1/2 feet from ground level, allowing a space for the door. Finally, place the desired covering over the frame.

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