How Do You Make a Whirlybird?

How Do You Make a Whirlybird?

A paper whirlybird is quick and easy to make. For this project, you need heavy paper or card stock, scissors, tape, a ruler and paperclips. You also need some art supplies if you want to decorate the whirlybird.

  1. Measure and cut the paper

    Start by measuring a 5 inch by 11 inch rectangle on the paper, and cutting the rectangle out. Next, arrange the paper with the short side facing you. Make a 5-inch line coming down lengthwise from the top center of the paper. Cut along the line to make a slit. Measure 5 inches from the top of the paper on each long side, and make a mark. Make a 1-inch horizontal slit in from the edge at each mark. If you want to draw on or color the whirlybird, do that now.

  2. Fold the paper

    Fold the long edges below the slits in toward the center. Attach the folded sides together with tape. Fold the top flaps down in opposite directions, one toward you and the other away from you. Fold the bottom edge up 1 inch at a time. Make two folds, and fasten the bottom with paper clips.

  3. Fly the whirlybird

    Once you have finished folding the whirlybird, it's ready to fly. Throw it straight up in the air, and watch it spin as it descends.