How Do You Make a Whirligig?


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An easy way to make a whirligig is to cut a decorated paper plate into a spiral and hang it on a length of yarn. This 30-minute craft requires a table, a large paper plate, crayons or colored pencils, craft glue, sequins, a hole punch, scissors and yarn.

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How Do You Make a Whirligig?
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  1. Decorate the paper plate

    Color the paper plate with crayons or colored pencils. For the best results, cover the entire plate in blocks of color. If you have the time, color both sides of the plate.

  2. Cut the plate

    Cut the paper plate into a spiral. Start at the outside edge and work inward. Make at least three revolutions around the center.

  3. Glue sequins along the spiral

    Set the whirligig flat on a table, and decorate it with sequins. Squeeze out a small drop of craft glue, and cover it with a sequin. Start at the outside of the plate and work in, following the contour of the spiral. Give the glue 15 minutes to dry before you proceed to the next step.

  4. Punch the hole

    Punch a hole near the inner end of the spiral.

  5. Attach the yarn

    Cut a 2-foot length of yarn, and thread one end through the hole. Bring the ends together, and tie them with a double knot. Use this yarn loop to hang your creation.

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