How Do You Make a Weighted Blanket?


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To make a weighted blanket, sew two pieces of fabric together along three edges, then sew a series of parallel channels along the blanket, fill them with plastic beads and close the blanket's open edge. This project takes several hours and requires plastic beads, a sewing machine, fabric, thread, sewing shears, a ruler, a scoop, tailor's chalk, an iron, a measuring tape, pins and a small scale.

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  1. Calculate the correct pellet weight

    Divide the weight of the person using the blanket in pounds by 10, and then add one pound. Purchase an equivalent amount of plastic pellets.

  2. Join the front and back of the blanket

    Place two 2 1/2-yard pieces of fabric on your work surface with the right sides together. Pin three of the edges, including a 2-inch seam allowance on the long sides and a 1-inch seam allowance on one short side. Leave the other short side open. Sew the pinned edges, remove the pins and turn the blanket right side out.

  3. Mark and pin the pellet channels

    Lay the blanket on your work surface with the open end facing you. Using a ruler as a guide, divide the blanket into six vertical channels. Define the channels with pins. Measure 6 inches from the bottom of the channels and draw a horizontal line across them with tailor's chalk. Move the ruler up 6 inches and draw another line. Repeat until you have 12 horizontal chalk lines.

  4. Sew the vertical channels

    Sew along the pinned vertical channel lines. Remove the pins.

  5. Add pellets

    To determine how many pellets to put in each channel segment, divide the total weight of your pellets by 72. Weigh out one portion on a food scale, and scoop the pellets into the first channel. Repeat with the remaining channels and sew across the first horizontal chalk line. Now you have six separate segments filled with pellets. Repeat this process until all of the channel segments are filled and sewn shut.

  6. Sew the top seam

    Sew across the top of the blanket and trim the excess fabric to complete your weighted blanket.

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