How Do You Make a Wallet From Duct Tape?

How Do You Make a Wallet From Duct Tape?

How Do You Make a Wallet From Duct Tape?

To make a duct tape wallet, make sheets of duct tape and then attach tape them together. There are several ways to make one, depending on how much time you want to put into it, but the end result looks nice and lasts a long time. You need duct tape, a ruler, scissors or utility knife, and a pencil.

  1. Make sheets of duct tape

    Cut or tear four 10" strips of duct tape. Adhesive side up, attach the duct-tape strips to each other with a 1/4" overlap. You should now have a sheet of duct tape that measures 10" by 7." Now make a second sheet in the same manner, then carefully stick the adhesive sides of the two sheets together.

  2. Attach strips of tape to the sheets

    Cut or tear a 10" strip of duct tape. Use your utility knife or scissors to make a small cut in the center on one end of the tape; this will help tear it into two straight 1" strips. Then fold and adhere the 1" strips of tape to the 10" ends of the sheet. This will make a smooth, clean edge.

  3. Stick the wallet parts together

    Use the scissors or utility knife to trim the sheet to 9" wide. Fold the sheet in half, then tear two 1" by 4" duct tape strips with the process explained in the second step. Fold and stick the ends of the duct-tape wallet together. Trim the 4" strips flush.

  4. Make pockets in the wallet

    Cut two strips of tape 5" long each and stick the adhesive sides together. Fold and adhere a 1" strip onto the 5" edge, then trim the pocket to 4" long. To complete the pocket, use 1/2" strips of tape to stick the pocket into play; trim the strips flush. Now enjoy your new duct tape wallet.