How Do You Make a Walker Caddy?

How Do You Make a Walker Caddy?

To make a walker caddy, cut a piece of sturdy fabric 27 inches by 17 inches for the bag. Cut four 7-by-10-inch rectangles for the straps. Sew the straps, and affix them to the main fabric. Attach buttons, and cut corresponding buttonholes on the straps.

To make a walker caddy, use around 1/2 or 1/3 yard of prequilted fabric. Lining of a complimentary color can be added. Use a 1/2-inch seam while sewing.

To make the straps, fold the four rectangles into halves with their right sides together. Sew along the long edges and one short edge. Turn the straps inside out.

To make the bag, fold one of the shorter edges of the main fabric by 1 inch and the other by 5 inches, and sew along both the fold edges. Fold the open short edge of two of the straps, and sew only the back part of the fold to the 5-inch fold of the bag.

Fold the main fabric in half with the right sides facing each other, and place the other two straps at the two corners along the bottom unfinished edge inside the fold. Sew along this edge of the fabric to close the bag. Turn the fabric right side out.

Sew two buttons 1 inch from the top edge of the bag on its two corners for the top straps. Fix two more buttons at the back of the bag for the bottom straps. Finally, cut corresponding buttonholes.