How Do You Make a Virtual Family?


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Gamers can create a virtual family by playing “Virtual Families” on a PC or “Virtual Families 2” on an Android device. “Virtual Families” is available to buy from BigFishGames.com, which also offers a free one-hour demo.

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In “Virtual Families,” players get to start their own virtual families. They start by choosing characters that they connect with the most and then help those characters live their lives. Gamers have full control over their virtual characters and can dictate everything from their careers to their daily routines. This simulation game gives players total control over shaping their characters' behaviors and personalities.

“Virtual Families 2” is also a simulation game, but players can play it on the go from their mobile devices. Just like “Virtual Families,” this simulation game starts with players choosing virtual people to control. The overall goal is to help the characters find jobs, choose mates and eventually start families.

Gamers have to encourage their virtual people to get good jobs to earn money to obtain the lives that they desire. Using this money, the players can buy everything from necessities to luxuries. Eventually, they may help their virtual characters save up enough money to buy their own dream homes.

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