How Do You Make Valentine Snowflake Hearts for Kids' Crafts?


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To make a Valentine paper snowflake heart, cut out a heart shape from colored construction paper. Fold the heart in half along the center line. Fold the bottom half up so that the point reaches the edge of the rounded lobe. Then, cut out a line of shapes along both folds.

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  1. Cut out a heart

    Buy construction paper in Valentine-themed colors, such as pink, red and purple. Fold a sheet in half. Draw half of a heart shape, placing the folded edge along the center of the heart. Cut the heart out along the line.

  2. Fold the heart

    Fold the paper heart along the center line. Fold the bottom part of the heart up so that the bottom point lines up with the top edge of the lobe. Lay the heart down on the table, and run your finger along each fold to create a visible line.

  3. Cut the snowflake

    Hold the folded heart in one hand, keeping the point and top lobe together. Cut out a variety of small shapes along the short folded edge. Undo the second fold, moving the bottom point away from the lobe and back into place. Cut additional shapes out of the central fold. Unfold the heart to reveal the snowflake. If necessary, cut into the edges to add more detail.

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