How Do Make Valentine's Day Cards?

How Do Make Valentine's Day Cards?

While there are many ways to make Valentine's Day cards, you can make a special card by hand-stitching paper hearts to construction paper or card stock. This project takes less than an hour. You need construction paper or card stock, twine, a pencil, a ruler, double-sided tape, an embroidery needle and scissors. Or make a Valentine's Day card by folding a piece of card stock for the card, writing a message on the front with a pencil, curling strips of paper and pasting the strips over the letters. You need a pencil, card stock, scissors, glue, tweezers and strips of paper.

  1. Fold the card

    Use a pink piece of construction paper or card stock that is 11 inches by 5 1/2 inches. Fold the paper in half.

  2. Attach the rectangles

    Draw two rectangles that are 2 inches by 4 1/2 inches on cream-colored paper. Cut out the rectangles. Lay them lengthwise on the front of the card so that the rectangles make the shape of an equal sign. Attach them to the paper using the double-sided tape.

  3. Cut out the hearts

    From red, pink and white paper, cut out six small hearts. The hearts need to fit within the rectangles. Place three hearts side by side on each rectangle.

  4. Sew on the hearts

    Thread the twine through the embroidery needle. Sew a stitch vertically through the center of the first heart, and knot the ends. Make sure the knots on the loose ends of the twine are on the inside of the card. Repeat the process for each of the hearts.

Valentine's Day card with curling strips of paper

  1. Fold the card stock

    Fold a piece of card stock in half for the card base.

  2. Paste a piece of colored card stock

    Paste a colored piece of card stock to the front of the card. Cut the front piece of paper smaller than the front of the card so that there is a narrow border around the colored paper.

  3. Write a message

    Write a message in fancy script on the front of the card using a pencil.

  4. Prepare the paper strips

    Cut a piece of colored paper into strips. Use a pair of scissors to curl the ends of the paper so that the pieces form the letters of the message you wrote.

  5. Glue the strips of paper to the card

    Dab a little glue on edges of the paper. Using the tweezers, carefully place the strips of paper over the written letters. Hold the paper in place until the glue has set.