How Do You Make Valentine Boxes for Boys?


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To make a Valentine box for boys, gather an empty tissue box, paper in the boy's preferred colors, markers or crayons, and double sided tape. Cover the sides and top of the tissue box with paper, and decorate with paper cut-outs and marker designs.

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How Do You Make Valentine Boxes for Boys?
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Alternatively, create a boy's Lego Valentine box with a shoebox, an exacto knife and six paper cups. Cut a hole in the top of the shoebox with the exacto knife, then hot glue the cups to the top of the shoebox and spray paint the whole thing. Lego Valentine boxes are simple to make, and boys love that they look just like their Lego toys.

For a small Valentine's box to pass out or hold candy in, create a robot Valentine's box. Pull apart a matchbox, cover the outside of the box with aluminum foil, then tape or glue the edges of the foil to the inside of the box. Decorate the outside with googly eyes, pipe cleaners, paper cut outs, cotton balls or anything crafty. Each robot Valentine can be unique and gives boys a chance to be creative. Fill the inner box with candy and then slide it back into the decorated outer case.

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