How Do You Make Urns in RuneScape?

How Do You Make Urns in RuneScape?

In RuneScape, players can gain Crafting experience by making urns using Soft Clay from their inventories. Once players locate a Pottery Wheel, they can choose what type of urn they want to make from a drop-down menu. They combine the unfinished urn with a Potter Oven to create an urn.

  1. Obtain soft clay

    Soft Clay can be bought or made by combining Water with Clay. Players can also cast Humidify on an entire inventory of Clay. Equipping a Bracelet of Clay allows players to mine soft clay directly for a short period of time.

  2. Use a Pottery Wheel to create an unfired urn

    Head to the nearest Pottery. Left-click on the Pottery Wheel to bring up a drop-down menu, then select Urn to produce an unfired urn. The types of urn available depends on the player's crafting level. Players can access higher level urns using the Assist System, which allows them to borrow the skills of another player temporarily.

  3. Combine the unfired urn with a Pottery Oven

    Make an urn by clicking on the Pottery Oven. Players can go one step further to make a Rune Urn by attaching a rune, which provides bonus experience points. However, only urns without a rune are tradeable.