How Do You Make a Unique Key Holder for the Wall?


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Make a unique key holder to hang on the wall out of driftwood, a vintage picture frame or a paper flower. Another type of unique do-it-yourself key holder entails gluing bent pieces of silverware onto painted wooden pads and affixing the pads to the wall.

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To make a key holder out of a vintage picture frame, you need a screwdriver, a set of screw hooks, and an up-cycled picture frame, easily found at a thrift store or garage sale. Take the glass pane out of the picture frame, then drill appropriately sized holes in the frame where you want your keys to hang. Screw the screw hooks into the holes, then mount the picture frame on the wall and hang the keys off the hooks. Decorate your picture frame by painting or stencilling designs on it before hanging.

You can make another unique key holder out of a wooden board and a decorative piece of paper. Glue a piece of paper with the design of your choice onto a small wooden board and affix hooks to the back of it for hanging on the wall, as well as to the front for hanging keys.

To make a key holder using a paper flower, glue a flower fashioned out of old paper to a cardboard strip, along with a key hook created from a wire hanger. Spray the flower with clear coating to reinforce it, then attach the entire contraption to the wall.

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