How Do I Make a Unicorn Costume?

Make a unicorn costume by attaching yarn to a white hooded sweatshirt and white pants to form the mane and tail, and create a horn out of newspaper. This project takes less than an hour. You need white leggings, pants or sweatpants, a white hooded sweatshirt, white shoes, yarn, felt, foam paper, spray adhesive, hot glue, glitter, scissors, ruler and a safety pin.

  1. Make the mane and tail

    Use yarn for the mane and tail in the color you want, such as brown or pink. For the tail, measure and cut between 40 and 50 strands of yarn that are 14 inches long. Gather the strands into a bunch and tie one end in a knot. For the mane, cut 30 or more strands of yarn that measure 20 inches long.

  2. Make the horn

    Roll a sheet of white foam paper into a cone, and glue it together. Cover the horn with spray-on adhesive, and dust it evenly with glitter.

  3. Make the ears

    Cut ear shapes out of stiff white felt. Cut identical but slightly smaller shapes out of pink felt. Glue the pink felt onto the white felt.

  4. Attach the pieces to the sweatshirt and pants

    Attach the tail to the waistband of the white pants by hooking a safety pin through the knot on top. Glue the yarn for the mane on the back of the hooded sweatshirt in a line down the length of the hood. Glue the horn on top and in the center of the hood. Glue the ears on either side of the hood's opening.