How Do You Make a Tulle Table Skirt?


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To make a tulle table skirt, first cover the table with a tablecloth, then attach an elastic band along the top edge. Cut the tulle into strips and attach each one to the elastic band all around the table with a simple knot. Add an optional decorative trim to cover the knots, if you prefer.

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  1. Cover the table

    Cover the table with a plain tablecloth, then wrap an elastic around the top edge of the table. Use push pins to secure it to the tablecloth.

  2. Cut the tulle

    Cut rolls of tulle into strips that are double the length of the table's height. Fold each strip of tulle in half.

  3. Tie the tulle to the elastic

    Take the loop part of each folded strip of tulle and place it over and behind the elastic. Pass the tail ends of the tulle through the loop and pull them downwards so that it forms a knot on the elastic. The rest of the tulle should hang down, reaching the bottom of the table. Continue until you have covered the entire elastic with tulle.

  4. Add a trim

    Cut a decorative trim to fit around the entire table edge. Use a strong adhesive, such as fabric glue or a hot glue gun to attach the trim so that it covers the knots on the elastic. Work in small sections, holding the elastic in place until the glue dries.

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