How Do You Make Tulle Flowers?


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To make tulle flowers, trace a flower template onto a stack of tulle fabric, cut it out, arrange the pieces to stagger the petals and secure in the middle with decorative beads. Before working with tulle, it is a good idea to practice with inexpensive coffee filters.

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Tulle flowers are easy decorations for weddings, birthdays and Easter baskets. The only supplies necessary are different colors of tulle, scissors, decorative beads, needle and thread.

  1. Make a template
  2. Draw a template of a flower on a sturdy piece of card stock or cardboard. The petals can be in any shape, oval or pointed, depending on the preference of the person doing the craft. Cut out the template.

  3. Prepare and cut the tulle
  4. Cut squares of tulle large enough for the template. Keep in mind that the more pieces of tulle that are used, the fuller the flower will be. Stack the squares, using no more than five or six pieces in a stack. This helps to ensure the flowers will be cut evenly. Pin the template to the tulle with straight pins and cut out the flower with a sharp pair of scissors.

  5. Make the flowers
  6. Once the tulle flowers have been cut out, stagger them so the petals alternate. From the bottom of the stack, pinch the flowers in the middle and use a needle and thread to stitch them together. Sew a decorative bead or two in the center of the flower to add a special touch.

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