How Do You Make a Tube Rolling Machine?

How Do You Make a Tube Rolling Machine?

Making a tube rolling machine is done with a few basic tools and wood, then cutting the wood, carving pulley grooves, installing the arm and assembling the components. Seasoned oak is the recommended wood of choice for best results.

In order to make a tube rolling machine, use the following steps:

  1. Acquire the materials and tools
  2. Gather the necessary tools, which includes a drill with an assortment of drill bits, wrenches, table saw with an adjustable fence and blade height and a piece of 3/4-inch seasoned oak that is at least five inches wide and 30 inches in length are needed for the project.

  3. Cut, glue and saw the wood
  4. Cut the oak plank in half and glue the two pieces together to form a 1 1/2-inch thick piece. Let the glue dry and cut the piece into three 5-inch by 5-inch pulley blanks, using the table saw. Pass each blank through the saw, beginning with shallow cuts and gradually deeper cuts until the blanks are perfectly round. Use the same method to form the grooves in the pulleys.

  5. Make the handle and assemble the machine
  6. Trim the rest of the wood component from a 76-inch length two by four. Round the ends and cut half-lap joints in the center of the crosses and assemble the pieces.