How Do You Make a Triple Rubber Band Fishtail Bracelet?


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Making a triple rubber band fishtail bracelet requires using two pencils to weave the bands and a "S" or "C" clamp to hold them together. The bracelet is moderately easy to create and can be completely customized using different types of colored bands.

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The regular fishtail bracelet is a step up from the stand single band piece. The woven bands are thicker, stronger and offer a more complex appearance. Each bracelet can be customized to showcase different color combinations. The following instructions explain how to make a triple rubber band fishtail bracelet.

  1. Twist three bands onto a pencil
  2. Place three rubber bands onto two pencils parallel from each other and twist them to create a figure eight.

  3. Pull the bottom band over
  4. Take the bottom ends of the bands and pull them over each side of the pencils. Continue to do so until reaching the wanted length of the bracelet.

  5. Attach a clamp
  6. Once the desired length is reached, attach a clamp to the loose end of the bracelet.

  7. Remove the bands from the pencils
  8. Pull the loops off of the pencils, then proceed to take one band and loop it through the other end. Doing so will create a knot.

  9. Connect the knotted end
  10. Take the knotted end and connect it to the other side of the clamp. This will complete the triple rubber band fishtail bracelet.

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