How Do You Make a Tricorn Hat Out of Paper?

Make a tricorn hat out of paper by molding packing paper around a bowl for a cap and shaping the edges for the brim. This project takes under an hour. You need a mixing bowl, heavyweight packing paper, masking tape, glue dots and scissors.

  1. Cut circles from the packing paper

    Cut two circles from the packing paper. The first circle, which is the brim, needs to be 26 inches in diameter. The second circle, which is the cap, only needs to be 14 inches in diameter.

  2. Create the cap

    Fold the smaller circle directly over the bottom of the mixing bowl. Tape around the base of the paper to form the imprint of the bowl. Remove the bowl, and trim away any extra paper.

  3. Create the brim

    Place the cap in the center of the large circle. Trace around the bottom of the cap, and cut out the circle. Make sure to leave the larger circle intact.

  4. Attach the cap and brim

    Attach the cap and brim using tape.

  5. Shape the hat into a tricorn

    Fold the sides of the brim up so that the hat has a triangular shape. Attach the edges of the hat to the cap using glue dots.