How Do You Make a Traditional Bow?


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To make a traditional bow, cut a crisp ribbon to the desired length, form it into equal loops, cross the loops, knot them, and adjust the loops and tails to the desired size. Alternatively, make a fuller traditional bow with six loops secured with wire.

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Choose a crisp grosgrain, satin, taffeta or velvet ribbon to create a large traditional bow. Cut the ribbon to size, with a longer ribbon for extra-long tails or loops. Form two equal loops, with about 12 inches of spare ribbon space in the middle. To create the bow, pass the right loop over the left, then knot the loops by inserting the right behind the left, under, and through the center hole. For a finishing touch, pull the knot tight, adjust the tails to the desired length, and cut notches into the ends of the tails.

For a fuller bow, make up to six equal-sized loops instead of just two, using a piece of ribbon 3 yards long. Use wire, wrapped around the center of the bow, to secure the loops. To hide the wire, make one tail longer than the other, and wrap it around the wire in the center of the bow. To keep the tail in place, attach it with another wire.

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