How Do You Make a Toy Car?

make-toy-car Credit: Dorling Kindersley/Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images

To make a toy car, poke two holes in both sides of an empty soda can. Run two thin dowels through the holes to form the axles. Glue four identical milk bottle caps onto the ends of the dowels to make wheels.

  1. Create the body of the car

    Wash an empty soda can or bottle and allow it to dry. Take off the labels. You can also use an empty soup can or a thick cardboard tube. Cut a hole in the top of your car body. Cut a small rectangle of cardboard to act as the seat and glue it across the inside of the car. Position the seat so it is halfway between the top and bottom surface and directly under the hole. Cut a steering wheel out of cardboard, and glue it to the front edge of the hole.

  2. Cut holes for axles

    Use a knife to poke two holes on either side of your can, bottle or tube. The holes should be positioned directly across from each other and at the same level. If you are using a soup can, use a drill to poke the holes.

  3. Build the axles

    Cut two thin dowels to a length that is at least one inch longer than the width of the car. Alternatively, use stiff wire or pencils. Sand the ends of your axles using standard sandpaper.

  4. Assemble the car

    Slide the dowels through the front and back sets of holes. Put a dab of heavy-duty glue on the end of a dowel, and attach the lid from a milk jug. Flip the lid so that the recessed side faces in. Repeat the process with the other four dowel ends. Set the car aside to dry before using it.