How Do You Make Towel Animals?


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Make towel animals by folding towels origami-style into swan, monkey or elephant shapes. To make a swan, fold the corners of a bath towel down to form a triangle, and then roll the outside edges in until they meet at the center. Fold the top third of the triangle down at the inside, and fold the bottom third up at the outside. Finish by creasing the folds.

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To make an elephant, use a bath towel and a hand towel. Lay out the bath towel out lengthwise, and fold the top and bottom into the middle. Roll the sides to the middle, and fold in half with the rolled side up to form the elephant's body.

To make the head, position the wash cloth lengthwise, and fold the corners down, making sure they don't meet in the middle. Roll the corners in to the center, and turn it over with the folded side down and the flaps at the bottom on top. Fold down the two flaps to form the ears, and then place the head on the body.

Make a snake from a bath towel by positioning it lengthwise and then folding the top and bottom corners on the left side in until they meet. Fold the bottom half up to the middle, and roll it up all the way. Form a knot in the right side of the rolled towel for the snakes tail, and fold down the left end for the head.

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