How Do You Make a Torch in Minecraft?

How Do You Make a Torch in Minecraft?

Create a torch in the PC version of "Minecraft" by placing one piece of coal on top of a stick within your character's crafting area or on a crafting table. A bright cluster of torches lights underground mines, allows plants to grow without sunlight and keeps away some hostile creatures at night.

  1. Make sticks

    Take any type of raw wood, and change it into sticks by creating wooden planks. Get four wooden planks for every piece of raw wood, and then craft four sticks for each wooden plank. Craft up to 64 sticks at a time.

  2. Mine coal

    Gather coal with pickaxes after finding coal ore underground. Each block of coal ore breaks down into several pieces of coal to use on sticks for torches. Find coal ore close to the surface; the substance is common in the Minecraft world.

  3. Craft torches

    Gather sticks and coal within your personal inventory and craft torches. Create four torches for every single stick and piece of coal. Have up to 64 pieces of coal and 64 sticks in the crafting area at one time.

  4. Keep a lot of torches handy

    Have a lot of torches with you at all times because day turns into night within 10 minutes of real time. Use torches to light underground areas and mine shafts when there are no lava pits to light the way. Torches also help protect you from hostile mobs that attack under cover of darkness by letting you see them.