How Do You Make a Toothbrush Rag Rug?


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To make a toothbrush rag rug, cut fabric into 1/2-inch strips. Cut a slit in the end of two strips, and connect the strips with a slipknot. Use a slipknot to tie one end of the fabric to the rug tool. Fold the fabric connected to the tool over the second strip to make a four-shaped loop, and pull the tool through the hole in the four to knot the fabric. At the end of the row, turn the fabric.

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Make the first row of knots the desired width of the rug. After finishing the first row, make one extra knot, and turn the rug to begin making knots along the core to form the second row. The core fabric lies alongside the first row of knots when the turn is properly executed.

When making the second row or other additional rows, push the tool through each knot along the row. Pull the tool and the fabric attached to the tool, and knot the fabric as with the first row.

Continue using this method until the rug is the desired length. To change colors, or add new strips of fabric, cut the excess fabric off the end of the strip, and use a new slipknot to connect the fabric to the existing strip or tool. If a rug-making tool isn't available, slipknot the fabric through the hole in the end of a toothbrush to make the rug.

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