How Do I Make a Tooth Costume?

To make an easy homemade tooth costume, draw two large molar tooth shapes onto posterboard and cut them out. Punch holes in both sides of the teeth and attach them together with strong white ribbon or string. To complete the look, wear an all-white top and pants or leggings.

  1. Cut out the molar tooth shapes

    Trace a large molar tooth shape onto a sheet of posterboard. It should include the elongated roots of the tooth that are hidden in the gums, in addition to the wider exposed part. Make the shape large enough to cover your entire torso. Cut out the tooth and use it to create an identical tooth shape on a second piece of posterboard.

  2. Punch holes in the posterboard teeth

    Lay the two teeth on top of each other and turn them so that the roots are hanging down and the wide, exposed parts are at the top. Punch holes at the top of both teeth.

  3. Attach string to the costume

    Use strong white string to attach the two teeth by the holes you made. Adjust the string so that you can easily fit the costume over your shoulders.

  4. Complete the costume

    Wear an all-white top and all-white pants or leggings. Place the posterboard teeth over your shoulders so that the strings are sitting on your shoulders and one posterboard tooth is covering your front and the other is covering your back.