How Do You Make a Toga Out of Bed Sheets?

How Do You Make a Toga Out of Bed Sheets?

Make a bed sheet into a toga by wrapping it around your body with a set of fixed folds that includes a waist wrap and fastening it at the shoulder. This takes only a few minutes. You need a bed sheet, sandals, a coat hanger, green tape and fake leaves. Wear sufficient clothing beneath the toga in case it slips - even the ancient Romans used a tunic for everyday modesty!

  1. Fold the sheet

    Purchase a disposable, inexpensive bed sheet. Fold it in half lengthwise. Hold it in front of you, waist high. The left side needs to be at least 1 foot longer than the right side.

  2. Wrap the sheet over your left shoulder

    First, wrap the left side of the sheet around your waist twice starting at the back. Then fold it up and over your right shoulder.

  3. Tie the ends together

    Take the right corner of the sheet, and bring it up to your left shoulder, where both ends should meet. Tie the ends together in a double knot.

  4. Fasten the toga thoroughly

    Fasten the toga together and to your clothes beneath by strategically placing safety pins.

  5. Add finishing touches

    Finish the costume by wearing some sandals and making a leaf circlet. Form a coat hanger into a circle and wrap green tape around it. Finish by adding fake leaves.