How Do You Make Tissue Paper Flowers?


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To make a tissue paper flower, fold six to eight square sheets of tissue paper into an accordion, round the ends with scissors, and pull the individual layers of paper apart. To complete the project, you need scissors, string and a ruler.

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  1. Cut the paper

    Tissue paper is typically rectangular. Trim the sheets into 10-inch squares. For variety, create flowers from different color sheets, or use different-sized squares of tissue paper.

  2. Fold the paper

    Layer and align six to eight sheets of tissue paper. Fold the paper into an accordion with 1/2-inch wide folds. Around the middle of the accordion, tie and knot a 2-foot long piece of string.

  3. Trim the ends

    Cut pointed or rounded edges on each side of the accordion. You can also fray the ends, or trim with scalloped scissors.

  4. Open the flower

    Separate the individual layers of tissue paper. One at a time, pull each layer up and away from the center. Arrange the tissue paper to create a fluffy flower ball.

  5. String or hang the flowers

    Hang a flower from the string tied at the center. To create a flower garland, make multiple tissue paper flowers, and tie the ends of the string together.

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