How Do You Make a Tiled Mosaic Mirror?

How Do You Make a Tiled Mosaic Mirror?

Create a beautiful tiled mosaic mirror by cutting ties and gluing the pieces onto a mirror frame, grouting, spraying on sealant and then allowing to dry. You need tiles, a mirror in a frame, tile cutters, craft glue and sealant. Also have grout, craft sticks, a sponge, protective goggles, a ventilator mask and rubber gloves on hand./

  1. Put on goggles

    Cutting tile often causes small pieces of glass or ceramic to fly into the air. Protect your eyes with goggles before beginning the project.

  2. Prepare the tiles

    Break the tiles into pieces using the tile cutters. Decide where and how you want to place the tiles. For example, put colored, larger pieces around the outside of the frame and the lighter, smaller pieces on the inside.

  3. Attach the tiles

    Don protective gloves and then spread craft clue on the frame. Carefully place the tile pieces on the glue, and press down firmly. Leave a small gap between the pieces for the grout.

  4. Apply the grout

    Mix the grout, and spread it on the tiles using a wooden craft stick. Work the grout in between all the tile pieces. This helps to lock them into place. After grouting, use a damp sponge to remove any excess grout.

  5. Add the sealant

    After the grout dries overnight, put on a ventilator mask to avoid inhaling noxious fumes, and spray on a layer of sealant. Allow the sealant to dry for a day before hanging the mirror.