How Do You Make Things Out of Bamboo?

make-things-out-bamboo Credit: cheryl flava/CC-BY-2.0

Make things such as candles out of bamboo by using bamboo canes as the candle holder and filling them with wax. This project takes under an hour to complete and four hours for the wax to dry. You need bamboo canes, wax, a wick, a saw and a double boiler.

  1. Cut the canes

    Cut three bamboo canes to different lengths. Make sure the bottoms are even.

  2. Melt the wax

    Fill the bottom pot of a double broiler with water, and bring it to a boil. Place the wax in the top pot. Wait for the wax to melt. Once it does, pour a thin layer into the bamboo cane candle holders.

  3. Place the wick in the candle

    Purchase wicks with metal tabs on the bottom. Place the wicks in the wax at the center of the bamboo canes. Allow the wax to harden in order to anchor the wick.

  4. Fill the candle holders

    Once the wax hardens, fill up the candle holders with the remaining wax until it is just below the lip of the holders. Allow the wax to finish cooling over four hours. Once it is sufficiently hardened, use a pair of scissors to trim the wicks to within 1/4 inch of the surface of the wax.