How Do You Make Things Levitate?

To levitate small objects, such as a pencil, a playing card or a coin, attach one end of a piece of thread to the top of the object, attach the other end to a button on your clothing, and tighten the thread that is attached to the object with your hand by drawing the thread away from your body. You need clear adhesive tape, thread and an object to levitate. For this exercise, learn how to make a pencil float.

  1. Attach the pencil to the thread

    Use clear adhesive tape to attach some thread to the top of the pencil. The thread must be attached to the metal portion that is under the eraser.

  2. Attach thread to a button

    Hold the pencil in your hand. Make a loop in the other end of the thread, and attach it to a button on your clothing.

  3. Figure out the right length

    Ensure that the thread is taut when you partially extend your hand. Experiment with the thread’s length to achieve this.

  4. Make the pencil float

    Put the pencil in a bottle with the eraser facing down. Tighten the thread that is attached to the pencil by drawing your hand away from your body. This levitates the pencil.

  5. Make the pencil descend

    To lower the pencil, draw your hand toward your body. This movement loosens the thread.

  6. Practice the trick

    Carry out the magic trick frequently to practice the hand movement that makes the pencil levitate.