How Do You Make a Tessellation Quilt?


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A tessellation quilt features a juxtaposition of shapes in a pattern. To make a tessellation quilt, you need a square piece of paper, scissors, tape, two or more different colors of fleece or felt, and a sewing machine or hand needle. Thread and backing fabric are also required.

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Using the paper, draw a line from one side to the other and from top to bottom. Then, label the corners and cut apart at the lines. Rearrange the pieces so that all of the corners are connected at the center. Trace this shape onto another piece of paper, and cut out. Trace the shape onto your fleece or felt. Use that piece as a pattern to cut more of the same design. Alternating colors, lay the pieces onto the backing fabric connecting them. Now, sew them to the backing fabric using the sewing machine.

When using a hand needle or thread instead of a machine, sew a strip of the shapes together one at a time. Next, sew the strips together to create a block. Now, you can hand sew the block to your backing fabric. Finally, sew the edges of the quilt using any design. After sewing the edges, the tessellation quilt is finished.

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