How Do You Make a Template for a Bow Tie Pattern?

Make a template for a bow tie pattern by downloading and printing out the ones provided on the Martha Stewart or Tie-A-Tie websites. Depending on the type of bow tie, the patterns include a long rectangular piece and another piece that starts at the same width as the rectangular one, but curves outward on each side to create an oval-like shape ending with a wide triangular base.

To make a bow tie, print out the bow-tie template, and trace it onto a chip board or card stock. Iron fusible facing onto the non-patterned side of the bow-tie fabric, and cut the fabric around the template. Because the template consists of two pieces, sew them together at the angled ends with the patterned side of the fabric pieces down. Pin the rest of the fabric pieces together with the patterned side in, and sew around the edges, leaving a small gap open. Round the corners of the seams with a pair of scissors, avoiding cutting any of the stitches.

Turn the material the right side out through the open gap, using a bone folder or pencil to get all the corners. Iron the tie flat, and sew up the open seam using a slip stitch.