How Do You Make a Telephone Wire Basket?

How Do You Make a Telephone Wire Basket?

To make a telephone wire basket, wind pieces of wire around a wire ring. Leave the ends of the wires hanging down, and weave the wires together until they meet at the bottom.

  1. Gather your materials

    For a small 11-centimeter bowl, you need about 12 pieces of telephone wire. You need something to cut the wire with. You also need a bowl or other object to shape the basket around. Typically, a round plastic bowl is used for simple baskets, and a fiberglass base is used for more complex shapes.

  2. Create a wire ring

    Create a ring from the wires. This ring forms the top opening of the basket. Wrap the wires around the top ring for a few turns. Then, let the ends of the wires hang down.

  3. Weave the wires

    Weave the wires together by making the wires go over and under the wires hanging down from the ring. Alternate which way the wires go. For example, if the last wire is laid over the wire hanging down, the next wire should go under it. The colors of the wires combine to form beautiful and stylish shapes. Continue weaving until the wires all meet together in the middle.