How Do You Make a Teddy Bear?

How Do You Make a Teddy Bear?

Make a teddy bear by sewing together pattern pieces in the shape of its body. Simple embroidery stitches can be used to create the bear's features.

  1. Find a pattern

    Search for a teddy bear template online; there are many free patterns available. Look for a template that is an outline of a teddy bear. Print out the pattern.

  2. Cut out the pattern pieces

    Pin the pattern to felt or another heavyweight fabric. Cut out the pattern pieces. Repin the template to another piece of fabric, and cut out a second set of patterns.

  3. Embroider the face

    To create the bear's face, make two French knots for the eyes. For the nose, embroider a small triangle with a satin stitch. Sew two more satin stitches away from the bottom of the nose to make the mouth.

  4. Sew the bear together

    Start at the top of one ear, and sew around the bear with a whip stitch until you reach the other ear. Stuff the bear with fiber fill until firm, and use a chopstick to push the stuffing down into the limbs. Once stuffed, close the head with a whip stitch.

  5. Add claws

    On each of the arms and legs, embroider three 1/4-inch whip stitches.