How Do I Make Tassels for a Scarf?

make-tassels-scarf Credit: Paul Tearle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Use yarn to make tassels for a crocheted or knitted scarf. Measure the yarn, cut it and fashion it into stacks before attaching it to the scarf as a tassel. Each tassel takes roughly five minutes to make and requires yarn and scissors.

  1. Determine how much yarn is needed

    Tassels vary in length from 6 inches to 1 foot and in thickness from four to 12 strands. Double the length and halve the thickness to determine how much yarn is needed. Scarves typically have between three to seven tassels.

  2. Cut the yarn

    Measure one strand of yarn to the desired length, and cut. Use this piece as a guide for the remaining pieces.

  3. Create stacks of yarn

    Divide the pieces of yarn into one pile each for the tassels. Straighten each pile, making sure the tops line up.

  4. Hook the tassel

    Fold each stack of yarn evenly in half. Push a crochet hook through the area on the scarf to which you're going to attach the tassel. Grab the loop with the hook, and pull it through the scarf. Approximately 1.5 inches of loop should come through the scarf.

  5. Loop the yarn

    Remove the hook from the loop. Pull the end of the tassel through the loop, ensuring it goes over the edge of the scarf.

  6. Tighten the loop

    Pull the end of the tassel so that the loop tightens around it. Fit it flush to the edge of the scarf. Repeat this procedure for each tassel.