How Do You Make Tassels?

How Do You Make Tassels?

To make tassels, cut a template from a stiff material, and wrap a yarn or embroidery thread around it several times. Slip a yarn piece under the wrapping, and tie its ends. Snip the wrapped threads at the bottom, and tie the tassel towards the top using another yarn piece.

To create the template for making tassels, cut a piece of balsa wood or stiff cardboard into a rectangular shape, keeping its width slightly greater than the tassel length desired. Then, cut two pieces of yarn measuring 6 and 12 inches in length.

To make the tassel, firmly hold one end of the yarn towards the bottom edge of the template, and wrap the yarn around it until the desired fullness is reached. Use fewer turns or a lighter yarn for a slim tassel and more turns and heavier yarn for a fuller tassel.

Snip the yarn, and hold the two snipped yarn ends together. Slide the 6-inch long yarn piece under the wrapping, center it and knot the ends to form the tassel's top. Use this yarn piece's ends to join the tassel to a project.

After snipping the tassel yarns at the bottom, wrap the 12-inch long yarn piece tightly, approximately a 1/2 inch from the tassel's top to make several turns. Knot the yarn piece's ends and push them under the tassel. Work any visible yarn ends into the tassel using a blunt needle or crochet hook. Trim the tassel's bottom to give it a uniform length.