How Do You Make Tannerite?

According to usCrow, Tannerite is made at home by mixing 95 percent Ammonium Nitrate powder with 5 percent Aluminum powder to make a stable compound that can be detonated. The Ammonium Nitrate is typically in crystal form and must be ground into a fine powder using a blender to produce consistent salt granules before mixing. The same should be done to the Aluminum powder using a different blender.

The mixing should be done thoroughly within a well ventilated area and the mixture should be stored in a sealed container after being ground. When using the Tannerite, pour the two powders in the desired amounts into a container using the appropriate ratio of 95/5, and mix them until they form a proper mixture. The mixture must be used at the mixing site. It cannot be transported or stored after being mixed as it is unsafe. Although there are no federal laws for the mixture, it is illegal in some states such as Maryland. Tannerite is used as a rifle target and should be suspended from the ground to prevent skip-fires. The mixture should be wrapped in duct tape to ensure a full detonation in scenarios where there might be a miss.