How Do You Make a Tangram Triangle With Seven Pieces?

To make a tangram triangle with the seven basic tangram pieces, begin by placing the two large triangles. Follow up with placing a small triangle, a parallelogram, a square, a medium triangle and another small triangle.

  1. Sort the tangram pieces

    Make sure the seven basic tangram pieces are available, as all seven are needed. The seven basic pieces are two large triangles of the same size, one medium-sized triangle, two small triangles of the same size, a parallelogram and a square.

  2. Use the large triangles

    Place the two large triangles on the table with their longest sides on the bottom. Arrange them next to each other so that their bottom corners touch each other without overlapping.

  3. Use one small triangle

    Place the small triangle in the middle of the space between the large triangles, with its top point wedged in the corner created by the two large triangles.

  4. Add the parallelogram

    Place the parallelogram on top of the small triangle so that one long side touches the small triangle's bottom side.

  5. Use the square

    Arrange the square so it has one side touching the short side of the parallelogram and another side touching a large triangle.

  6. Add the medium triangle

    Place the medium triangle so that one of the shorter sides touches the top of the parallelogram, and the long side faces outwards.

  7. Use a small triangle

    Place the second small triangle with its long side touching a short side of the medium triangle.