How Do You Make Tablecloth Weights?


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Hold your tablecloth in place using unique, colorful weights of your own making. Simply follow a few simple steps. You need fabric, an iron, scissors, rocks, string, needle, thread, pinch clips and a tablecloth.

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How Do You Make Tablecloth Weights?
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  1. Prepare the fabric

    Choose vibrantly colored and patterned fabric. Iron it until it is free of wrinkles. Cut the fabric into strips that are 1 inch wide by 24 to 27 inches long. Lay out six strips in a star-shaped pattern; these strips make one weight.

  2. Add the stone

    Find several good-sized stones that are about 2 inches in diameter. Place one stone in the middle of the overlapping fabric strips.

  3. Tie the weight

    Gather the fabric strips together around the stone. Tightly tie a ribbon around the fabric under the stone. The weight should have a rounded head with long strips of fabric flowing beneath it like a ghost or rag doll.

  4. Add the clip

    Thread a piece of string through the fabric in the middle of the head. Attach this string to the hole in the pinch clip.

  5. Use the tablecloth weight

    Place the tablecloth on the picnic table. Attach the clip of the weight to the edge of the tablecloth. Spread the weights evenly around the table.

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